Supply Chain - understanding of flow

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it’s my first topic on the forum so all tips/hints/points/feedback I would consider as valuable :slight_smile:
I open it as I try to understand how we can say that the blockchain is a trustless network for instance in case of supply chain. I may imagine the situation where the particular entities on different stage of the supply chain upload the information to the network informing about the status/situation of the product/ingredient which the ultimate beneficiary expect to receive. How can we be sure that they’re honest with us and uploading real information and not fake? Have can we verify the information on blockchain with reality? I see some space for malicious actions coming from dishonest parties in the supply chain. Example it’s seen that company imports ingredient - brown sugar from X location, however eventually does use white sugar… I know it’s rather marginal, extreme examples.

I’ve watched couple of videos and seen that for instance products (fruits) have QR codes printed/attached providing information where they are coming from but again I suspect that the QR can be replaced at some point during shipment and so on. Therefore for me, the customer who’s doing a shopping and tries to verify the provenance can’t be 100% sure…

Please kindly correct my understanding in here :slight_smile:
Thank you in advance

Bitcoin is made for financial transactions and not for supply chains. There are other projects that tackle this issue, one of them being OriginTrail.
I encourage you you contact them and ask how they solve this problem. :slight_smile:

Yes, indeed that’s clear for me what for Bitcoin has been invented. I’m more concerned and eager to learn about how project on Blockchain like OriginTrail tackle the problems/obstacles I mentioned above :wink: