Suggestion: Livestream Superchat History

Before I forget again, a useful feature for the Superchat during live streams would be to save a “history” of all the Superchats for that stream. Sometimes @ivan misses a Superchat because he’s “in the zone” talking about a topic and can’t be watching the chat at the same time. Some sort of “Superchat History” list would solve this issue. This way Ivan won’t miss anything and viewers won’t be disappointed their Superchat didn’t get noticed.

  • If I understand, only the last 150 or so messages are kept to keep the memory footprint low. Also keeping all Superchats for that session wouldn’t increase the size that much.
  • Could also limit the size of the Superchat history to the last say 25 if keeping all of them becomes an issue

All hail the mighty @gabba for building and maintaining the chat! What do you think?

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Awesome idea sir! i will noted it to let the team knows about it! Thank you!

Carlos Z.