Suggestion For Improvement: Volume setting resets between videos on Smart Contract Programming Course

While working thru the Smart Contract Programming Course i have noticed that when you proceed to the next video you have to reset the volume back to the preference you selected in the previous video. My impact is that whenever I move on to the next video the audio play’s back very loud when it first starts. It has been disruptive in the space I was working in!

As a workaround I just lowered the setting on the physical knob on my audio hardware, but if their was a way to keep the audio level the same between the embedded videos it would be a nice improvement.

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Apologies, I posted this in the wrong forum. How do I delete my post!?

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I think a moderator or Ivan can easily just move it to the correct section. @ivan can you please move this thread? :smiley:
Edit: You can easily delete it if you click the three dots left of the reply button and then click on the trash icon.

The video by Flilip locks up at the 56second mark: … Installing EOS on Windows & Ubuntu … Does anyone else find this is happening? -----Ooops just me, forget it, ok now.