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@Alko89 are there alternatives for substrate?

You mean for Polkadot or Blockchain development in general?

One I mentioned in the comparison video is Tendermint by Cosmos which is an SDK for blockchain development.

For developing Polkadot based blockchains there is only Substrate atm, but nothing prevents you from writing your own parachain from scratch. It would of course be extremely difficult to do so.

You can use different bindings that enable you to develop your blockchain in a different language like for example C++ using Substrate libraries ( I am not aware how well they are supported though. :slight_smile:

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I was thinking Polkadot in general. Yes, Cosmos you mentioned, i didn’t pay much attention it yet. It’s just that always when checking tools for polkadot there isn’t much discussion about anything else. So it made me wonder if is there alternative.

Yes, I do agreed, thinking building own blockchain using C++ is the last resort. Finding Rust developer is is challenging enough :joy: Maybe there should be course too for how to architect a blockchain? :grin:

Overall I am glad that Academy finally has this course Polka is good platform, it would just require bit more just rewards and grants to get get community grow faster.

But thanks, I’ll dig into substrate then.


That would be a HUGE course, there are a lot of things to develop, the block structure, transactions, consensus, P2P network, RPC protocol… :smile:

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don’t crush me totally😂 maybe like all the big thing, first would be blockchain planning 101.
Which would go all these shortly.
When building parachain/parathreads over polka. Does this new implementation need all it’s own resources or does relaychain handle part/all of it? I mean like transaction processing. Like Is parachain performance dependable on underlaying relaychain?

Haha, sorry! I just don’t want you to torture yourself by reinventing the wheel :smile:

If you design your chain as a parachain then you will benefit from the security of the relay chain. However Substrate allows you to also develop a completely independent chains and provides a bunch of prebuild modules you can use.

There is this old video course on youtube I liked, but unfortunately doesn’t work with the latest version and have to use beta version if you want to follow the course that teaches you to develop a UTXO based blockchain using Substrate. :slight_smile:

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hey @valo substrate seems like it has the poptential to be great its a fancinating language there is so much options for customization through their “pallets”. I started using it as part of my internship. Its quite hard to get started i thought but There are great resources to get started from the polkadot youtube channel. Take a look at these there fairly high level but youll learn lodes (if you can get past the terrible video quality)

here is another great video series althouht its a bit dated

I would also read the BABE and GRANDPA papers on the polkadot documentation website. they have a wealth of information


Hello everyone.

Please check out Fearless Wallet made for Polkadot/Kusama for Android and iOS.
You can do staking from your phone, very user friendly.


Happy to be here. It took some time but feeling well after a lot of studying. Good luck everyone, @Win

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thx man, but not compatible with my device.

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thanks for the info!

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Fearless Wallet very good, thanks

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thank you for the youtube on substrate/Bitcoin UTXO

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Great work, it’s a good feeling to be here. Thanks for the lecture


Hello, you show to us how to nominate a validator and stake DOT. What is the reward by staking DOT?

It depends, somewhere up to 16%

Thank you Ales, another question, Does the DOT will be locked for a period of time under staking? Is there a minimum time to request the ammounts back?
And about custody, if I send my DOTs to staking I’ll lost the custody of my DOTs? They will be under the validator custody?

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Yes, once you want to unstake you have to wait for 28 days on Polkadot or 7 on Kusama to be able to use these funds again. You will be able to withdraw instantly in Karura liquid staking once it goes live, for a small fee.

No, all DOT remain under your control, but you might loose some of it in case the validator is not reliable and gets slashed. My 2 validators are super nice :grin:


Hi there,
Very interesting course on a promising network! But I’m having issues with simply Voting. It tells me “Polkadot-js extension not detected” although I already installed it. Could it be because I installed it on Brave navigator? If this doesn’t work, I won’t be able to go any further and practice making TXs etc… as explained on the following course