Study motivation or project goal needed!

I’ve hit a wall with studying and let my new job distract me. Any suggestions on goal setting? My goal is to program my own NFTs and smart contracts.

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Try to set your goal to 30 minutes of studying a day. I also have full-time job, + family, hobbies and kids. Focussing myself on this half hour instead of looking at the bigger picture to much gets me going every day.
Hope this helped.


Jordi_V had good advice, take a step back to take two steps forward…go 30 to 45 minutes for a few days…sometimes I feel like I need to do everything at once…this Summer is the time for me though!!!


Thank you! Looking at completing everyday instead of the big picture is a great point!

Thank you! I’m in a race with myself and I need to switch gears to think of this as a marathon!

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I feel you, since I started to go down this Blockchain Dev road I have the feeling that I can’t learn enough every day. I think it is good to keep in mind that we still are in “the early days” of this exciting technology, that noone can know everything anyway and that this journey is for the long haul!
Let’s keep on learning on a daily basis :slight_smile:
The first project I worked on on my own, was a simple voting DApp, because I really like the usecase. This got me motivated to dive deeper into front- & backend development.

What usecase does fascinate you?

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