SQL Databases - Practical

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@ivan, you made me laugh out loud at 8:05 in this video: “Quaso Cabrales, whatever that is”

Queso Cabrales is a blue cheese (queso being “cheese” in Spanish and “Cabrales” being the kind of cheese).

Jokes aside, this was a useful video :slight_smile: Great to see a live example of SQL queries.


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SQL Database Columns Rows Id’s Orders Products Quantites etc. :slight_smile:

Dear Ivan,

I’m loving the course so far, but I think it’s too detailed and technical. It is supposed to be a business course for non technical people so why do I need to know the details about the tables and how to link relationships. A high level understanding is more than enough. I just hope the course will focus more on business implementation later on … but thank you so much


Enjoying this course so far but my wish to get though till the end.

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Hi there ,

I am in the process of doing one myself. I’ll be happy to share any info i’ve got thus far.



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Looking forward to how all these classes tie together. Really enjoy the lectures and the academic journey.

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thanks Ivan. Ive learnt alot about SQL. fantastic course so far. cheers

@ivan particularly love these practical examples mate. Was hoping there would be more of this! :slight_smile:

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at least he didn’t pick the stinky surstromming!