Some problem with my onlyOwner modifier/usage?

Hi I need some help!

Deployed this contract code (below) on Remix.
However after deploying I was unable to use the same address (supposedly owner) to call function addBalance. Error shown:

transact to Bank.addBalance errored: VM error: revert.

	The transaction has been reverted to the initial state.
Reason provided by the contract: "You are not the owner".
Debug the transaction to get more information.
creation of Bank pending...

If the catch error , "You are not the owner" was removed from onlyOwner modifier, error shown below. Note I am calling addBalance not transfer.

If I remove onlyOwner from the addBalance function header, all functions would then work fine.

I wonder what is the problem?

Please see code below:

pragma solidity 0.7.5;

contract Bank {
    mapping(address => uint) balance;

    address owner;

    // create event
    event balanceAdded(uint amount, address depositedTo);
    // can be indexed to be searchable in future e.g.:
    event transferComplete(uint indexed amount, address indexed transferFrom, address indexed transferTo);

    modifier onlyOwner {
        require(msg.sender == owner, "You are not the owner"); 

    constructor() {
        owner == msg.sender;

    function addBalance(uint _toAdd) public onlyOwner returns(uint) { 
        balance[msg.sender] += _toAdd;
        // `emit` the event
        emit balanceAdded(_toAdd, msg.sender);
        return balance[msg.sender];

    function getBalance() public view returns(uint) {
        return balance[msg.sender];

    function transfer(address recipient, uint amount) public {
        require(balance[msg.sender] >= amount, "Balance not sufficient");
        require(msg.sender != recipient, "Don't transfer to yourself");

        uint previousSenderBalance = balance[msg.sender]; 

        _transfer(msg.sender, recipient, amount);

        assert(balance[msg.sender] == previousSenderBalance - amount); 

        // event Logs and further checks
        emit transferComplete(amount, msg.sender, recipient);

    function _transfer(address from, address to, uint amount) private {
        balance[from] -= amount;
        balance[to] += amount;


Remove one equation mark in the constructor when you determine owner and it will work.

    owner == msg.sender;
    owner = msg.sender;

Perfect thank you @Gry! :eyes:

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