Solo mining issues

Finally synced my node!

I promise I will stop posting new topics, but I have been trying to sync for such a long time I am playing catchup!

I have been pool mining, and have actually contributed 2200+TH shares. I would like to try solo mining on one of my rigs to test my luck.

I use Phoenix Miner, and when adding the pool info as follows “-pool http:”, the miner will connect, but instantly returns “Connection Closed by Pool”.

The node is synced, and I have already connected my node to Metamask. I even compared the latest block on Etherscan to verify it is synced, and all looks good…

What am I missing?

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It will surely be a test of luck, and I wish you the best.

I haven’t been mining Eth in a long time, so be aware! I am not sure about phoenix miner, but it could be an issue with the version, I think it needs a 2.7 and later build to be compatible. Are you able to get any logs when you start your miners for connections made or etc? Have you checked port 8545 is open and such?


geth has http endpoint opened on, really don’t know why it won’t connect, especially since Metamask connects (it wouldn’t connect in MM if there wasn’t an open endpoint, right?).

Thanks for the reply regardless!

maybe you have to check if the port is allowed by the OS (linux or windows, firewall rules).

Not sure about the solution, but maybe I can help you find it.

Carlos Z.

Tried opening the port in windows, then all together turning off the firewall, with no change.

Anything on geth end I can try?

I dont think geth is the problem, should be an issue with firewall or the port, i mean, =your metamask has connected properly to your node, that means the node should be working great, now maybe you have a router with some firewall rules? Your mining rigs are in the same network than your node?

Carlos Z.

I have multiple rigs, yet the rig I am testing has the local node.

I will try my router. I have VPN software on the router, so this may be the issue. Fingers crossed…

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I’d be curious what you find out, it seems the VPN could very well restrict the traffic if not configured to allow it. Cheers

Do you ever get connected? Trying to do something similar and stuck in same spot trying to solo mine ETC using phoenixminer with full ETC node.