Solidity working environment

Hi guys!

I was wondering if anyone here is a Solidity developer. I’m curious, how is your set up?
Mine is:

  • Truffle
  • Testrpc
  • Sublime with the addition to work with Solidity

How about you?


Just starting to learn about the language, using Truffle and Sublime, but, didn’t know about the addition, thanks for it :slight_smile: I’m on it!!

I’m just started with smart contact using Testrpc and subline, created basic voting app to understand how its working, creating block, what is address etc.

if anyone is using intellij ide, they’ve got an awesome solidity plugin Will allow you to use solidity inside webstorm, phpstorm …

I use, a IDE to develop and test contracts with Solidity; this can be used standalone (Javascript VM) , Injected Web3 (Metamask) or Web3 provider.