Solidity practice Project Ideas

Hi Guys Nice to meet you all. Im quite new here and im amazed at how friendly and kind this community is. Grrateful to be a part of it. I have just finished ethereum smart contract programming 101 my first course and i wanted to make my own small project before moving on to the second course (201). I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for some cool solidity contract ideas to make as a good first project. Something with a bit of challenge. Ive been thinking what to make and theres a lot of great examples in this forum but i cant make up my mind lol. Any ideas would be much appreciated


Hi @mcgrane5

Really happy to read that you like to community :smiley:
I want to suggest you to take other courses and only then code your project.

  • Old Solidity 201
  • New Solidity 201
  • Smart Contract Security

The reason is that these courses will give you tools that now you don’t have yet.
You will be able to use oracles (fundamental for any cool solidity contract).
You will be able to code your own ERC tokens (20/721/ 1155 and all the tokens you want).

With these tools you will be able to really create something that is usable, and you knowledge / ideas of what’s possibile with Solidity will skyrocket.

If you need help we are here.

Happy coding,


Hi @dan-i

Thank you very much for the advice. Yeah i think ill start ethereum 201 next so. Thanks again.


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How about a voting system? I’m currently working on one. Maybe we could partner up. :wink:
Sometimes working on projects while at the same time taking lessons on the side is the best way to learn.


hey @Francine, How are you. Thank you for replying .Id be very interested in doing a collab with you. Im a big enthusiast of meeting other like-minded people and building connections/expanding my network so thanks for your reply that sounds like a great idea.

I recently finished ethereum game programming (a great course if you have not already taken it) and currently doing SC programming 201 so im very keen to get started on a project of my own so this seems like a great opportunity. Have you already started?


Hi @mcgrane5!

How have you been? I’ve been meaning to reply to you for a while. Me too! I think collabs are great way to expand on knowledge and build connections! I would love to build something together.
However, I haven’t yet taken the Ethereum programming 101 and 201. So I think I should do that first before moving onto a project. Are you still up to a collab in the near future?
The voting system I started but decided to go back to learning more before proceeding…or maybe I’ll finish it and then expand on it when I know more…
How are the studies going? Have you finished SC 201?
I keep getting recruiters contacting me on my LinkedIn offering opportunities and I got a bit exited and anxious and decided to jump to projects ahead of time lol


I’m not sure if you guys have gotten into any projects as of yet, but if anyone out there are looking to get into some projects and brainstorming thoughtful ideas, let me know cause I’d be interested!


Hello @mcgrane5 I saw you on one of the Homework forums as of recent and intuitively reached out. I too am looking for fellow students and community on this journey as I believe putting this into practice is the best way to move forward and I also have some interesting ideas or open to take part on other projects to gain experience and have some fun. Is this thread still alive?

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cool u can let me know what your thinking