Solana-test-validator problem

Hi, when i start comando

Solana-test-validator --log

This return One errore on incompatibile CPU hardware

Incompatibile CPU detection : missing AVX2 supporto. Please build from source on the target

I doing set option in bin config , but i don’t find how doing this

It seems like the ticket has addressed this issue. For instructions on what to do, check detinho’s first answer.

Installation instructions (including building from source):


Hi Zsolt, thanks for the reply,

but I had read this post and tried to install dependencies for AVX2 with no success. a solution could be set on the node option, but this was more complicated, and I preferred to use devent to follow the next lessons

P.S. for coding I using older notebook (Hpenvy6 with ubuntu), on other notebook (macbook air) this normal working.,

Yes, I’m suffering with this too in general, as Windows is hardcore mode w.r.t. macos. :slight_smile: It’s an emerging technology and we’re all in the dark at times.

Lately, I’ve connected to the Solana discord and there I’ve found answers to all my problems so far by text-searching the chat log as a knowledge-base.

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