Smart Contract basics and comparisons

Jackson Palmer, the creator of Dogecoin, has a youtube channel since a few months and just posted a video where he discusses Smart Contracts and contrasts newer projects against Ethereum

As for discussions, on what level do you guys think smart contracts can find common public (i.e. small scale and not just enterprice) appeal?


Hey man! Jackson has an awesome channel indeed, thank you for sharing!

what do you mean by

? please clarify :slight_smile:

I can see companies (such as banks) use smart blockchains to store data and provide serivices, but it’s more questionable to me to what extent individuals will really upload contracts - even for business purposes.

I think individuals will just use services on the blockchain because of the features (for example get paid by posting content on Steemit) and developers will come up with dapps they think users might like and profiting from holding a portion of the tokens used in their dapp. Very similar to how the crypto landscape looks today, but we need to mature more as an industry

Ah, I see. The woman at the local Bitcoin ATM here in Vienna was also singing a song of a world with token for everything, and I know from the MTL (Metal, top 30 market cap coin) AMA that the main dev was pitching his vision to investors in the same way, but coming in those masses and seeing how people jump between projects, I personally rather think this is a bit of a phase and many utility token will always end up fall in value as new stuff appears and they will feel like supermarkt token. Maybe I’m not visionary enough but blockchain tech feels more like cloud service 2.0 to me, rather than really affecting our customer-product thinking.