Should I take other courses?

Hi, so i graduated with a masters in mathematics last year and have recently fallen in love with blockchain. I’ve been coding with an object orientated language for the last year with my current job and on the side have been moving through some of this academy’s courses; bitcoin 101, ethereum 101, solidity 101, solidity 201 (currently doing). At some point I know i’ll need to break out and get a first job somewhere in crypto but i don’t know where yet. I came across an Oxford University Business School, Blockchain Strategy Course (link below) and this is kinda the only place where I can come for some solid advice as to whether or not it could be worth doing. Obviously i’m drawn to the idea of having something with Oxford’s name on my cv but it feels like i may not get any advantage over the material i have at this academy. £2.5k is a decent sum of money for me but I can afford it. Really just looking for some other opinions here to help me make a decision.

Any help would be much appreciated

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hey @adil10743, hope you are well.

Take a look in this post, where i already mention some guidelines for the courses :nerd_face:

Carlos Z

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Adil, if you are looking for name cache outside of Ivan on Tech (which is more technical based learning), you can find other more business oriented programs such as MIT Sloan School’s Blockchain Technologies: Business Innovation and Application program.
They also have some free videos on YouTube

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Hey man!! My background is far different from yours, but I have been on the blockchain honeymoon for about a year or so, the good thing is that it is far from ending. The bad thing is: as you may realize, there aren’t so many traditional universities offering blockchain oriented programs. If you’re interested in hyper ledger (if you see a future in that technology) I recommend the Linux academy (they have 2 programs that are heavily oriented in that direction). Besides the MIT program which has the almost the same cost as the one you mentioned, there aren’t much others that you can find. I think that you have broadly two choices: go the bitcoin way or go the “web3” way. The bitcoin way as far as I have been able to learn in this past year, is the self-learner Linux/C/C++/python/open source way and I think is far harder than the “web3” way which is pretty much the one that Carlos is explaining to you (which is based on ethereum, JavaScript, NodeJS, Mocha, React, and all the things related to JavaScript… they are a lot) … for that i have another thread that some guys have been contributing so far , but I haven’t checked lately. To be honest I think that bitcoin is by far the most important discovery or gift that has been given to the world, and I love that it mixes finance, technology and programming, but I’m also happy to see other blockchains becoming more mainstream

Put your existing creds (as per your post) on linkedIn and your CV then go and get a job as a solidity developer, even if its a junior position, the experience and future opportunity you will get from this will outweigh any additional formal education.

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@adil10743 I would like to continue … for the bitcoin programming way, I just found this book, which is authored by Andreas Antonopulous (im not sure how to write that last name) : :grinning:

Mastering bitcoin

And if youre really interested into getting a university degree, I can also recommend getting a degree on FinTech … there are many universities that offer programs related to that topic and in most cases they include something about blockchain technology within their programs

Considering other courses sounds like a great idea for expanding your skills! Speaking of which, have you checked out resources like They might offer valuable insights or courses related to FinTech and blockchain technology, especially if you’re interested in bitcoin programming. It’s all about finding the right fit for your goals!