Should beginners do Codility exercises?

I’m a beginners and have no previous coding experiecne. doing the Codility exercises as suggested by the instructor. I know I can’t expect perfect in my exercises. However, my answers are very far different than the answers provided by Codility. Also, many suggest that the exercises previous to Codility are not for beginners. So I’m wondering if I’m only wasting time if I do the Codility exercises. What do u think?

It depends.

You don’t have to find the fastest solution, the most important thing that your solution works while you are a beginner. So ignore performance.

If these exercises are too hard for you, then go back and revise the basics, code easier exercises, e.g. W3Schools has a ton of easy problems to go through. HackerRank 30 days of code is another good exercise set. Eloquent JavaScript is harder. However, without developing problem solving skills, you will have a very hard time later.

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Thanks for the reply!!