SHORTING - when is it worth it?

Hi There,

I am new - about a week into crypto world and made the rookie mistake of buying too many coins which are all down now - all good learning.

So SHORTING - is when you sell when BTC is gong down at say 4.5% and then buy more when it is at say 14.5% is that right? Or should you wait for it to go down a lot more for it to be worth it and fees?

If you are down a couple of hundred from your original investment is it worth doing this?

Should I try it with $50 first rather than $500?

What kind of percentages would make this worthwhile? Just trying to learn and see how it all works.

I started a new job the last couple of days so I am in back to back meetings and not much time to continue studies at the moment.


When a trader has developed a sound working knowledge of trading analysis and order positions along with managing risk. Then you can better predict and speculate as to when a short position is the right choice.