Sent ETH to CGLD address by mistake... any chance to recover it?

Hello Folks – I sent by mistake some ETH to an CGLD address on Coinbase…(I know…).

Is there any chance that these ETH funds can be recovered (maybe if in the future, Exchanges will support transactions where one cryptocurrency is sent to the address of a different cryptocurrency)?

Or have I lost my ETH for ever?

Thanks for the help!


Anyone who can help on this pls?

Hey @Cordos, hope you are well.

Sadly there is now way to help you, i assume you know the rules for blockchain, once you sent money, there is no way to sent it back, unless you know the owner of the address you sent and let him know to sent you back the funds.


Carlos Z

Thank you for the reply. The recipient was myself. I basically sent the 5 ETH to my coinbase wallet, but instead of sending in ETH, I selected CGLD (Celo). Obviously the ETH never arrived and coinbase told me that there was no way to recover and that my ETH were lost. I had my saving in there, I know it’s silly and I should have paid more attention but with new cross chain transactions being developped, I wonder if I would ever have a chance to recover those ETH or not.