SafeMath code provided

Sorry if this is an obvious answer, I’m pretty new to all of this but in the code provided for Safe Math (Hyper Inflation section)
Is the only thing that needs to be updated changing the “constant” to “pure”?
Is that it?
Thanks in advance!

Hi Dan! Are you asking pertaining to the code being outdated or a part of an assignment dealing with SafeMath?

Hey thanks for the reply,
Yeah I mean just outdated in general, it’s not for an assignment. I suppose it doesn’t need to be updated because it would be inherited instead of being put in a contract with a newer solidity version?

In terms of its utility to be used as an imported library, its still very useful, but the confusion may have been the specific version version of SafeMath working with the specified version of the document importing it. Whatever version is being used within Openzeppelin will always be the latest version usually of the documents contained within it! If there are errors it usually is from copied and pasted code being outdated! Let me know if that answered and if not send in the code!