Retrieve value from nested mapping

Hi all,

I have a function to cancel an order but I’m stuck on retrieving the value from nested mapping. I understand that mapping are not iterable , so I’ve created a new mapping to get the unique id from my struct as per suggestion from this link :

But it is still not working when I tested it.

Below are the current code for my SC:

// struct
 struct Order {
        uint256 id;
        address trader;
        Status status;
        bytes32 ticker;
        uint256 amount;
        uint256 filled;
        uint256 price;
        uint256 date;

// mapping
mapping(bytes32 => mapping(uint256 => Order[])) public s_orderBook;
// to cancel the order based ticker and id
mapping(bytes32 => mapping(uint256 => bool)) public s_orderCancelled;
// this mapping to retrieve the id from struct
 mapping(uint256 => uint256) private s_groupIndexMapping;

function createLimitOrder(
        bytes32 _ticker,
        uint256 _amount,
        uint256 _price,
        Status status
    ) external {     

        Order[] storage orders = s_orderBook[_ticker][uint(status)];


// this will be the id to use to retrieve the order id
s_groupIndexMapping[s_nextOrderId] = orders.length - 1;

function cancelOrder(bytes32 _ticker, uint256 _id)
        uint orderId = s_groupIndexMapping[_id];
// cancel the order id based on the save index mapping
 s_orderCancelled[_ticker][orderId] = true;

but somehow my test are still returning false, any suggestions are greatly appreciated

My test script as below

describe("Order Actions", async () => {
    let amount = tokens(100);
    let tradeAmount = tokens(1);
    let price1 = 9;
    let transaction: any, result: any;
    beforeEach(async () => {
      await dex.connect(trader1).depositToken(DAI, amount);

      await dex.connect(trader1).depositToken(REP, amount);

      transaction = await dex
        .createLimitOrder(REP, tradeAmount, price1, Status.BUY);
      result = await transaction.wait();

      await dex.connect(trader2).depositToken(DAI, amount);

      await dex.connect(trader2).depositToken(REP, amount);

      transaction = await dex
        .createMarketOrder(REP, tradeAmount, Status.SELL);
      result = await transaction.wait();

    describe("Cancelling Orders", async () => {
      describe("Success", () => {
        beforeEach(async () => {
          transaction = await dex.connect(trader1).cancelOrder(REP, 1);
          result = await transaction.wait();

          transaction = await dex.connect(trader2).cancelOrder(REP, 2);
          result = await transaction.wait();
          // console.log(result);

        it("updates canceled orders", async () => {
          expect(await dex.s_orderCancelled(REP, 1)).to.equal(true);
          expect(await dex.s_orderCancelled(REP, 2)).to.equal(true);