Resume or CV Samples- I'm stuck on the Personal Profile

Does anyone have a sample of what has possibly worked for them in the “Personal Profile” section on a Resume or CV? I think my other areas are covered okay, but I’m stuck on the personal profile. I used to have my resume labeled with “Technical Summary” where the course says to have the “Personal Profile”. I’m looking for a nice profile to get an entry level job in block chain asap! Please advise!

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!! :pray: @Lizette

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I know this thread is a bit dated, but if you’re still on the lookout for advice, or for anyone else who stumbles upon this post, the “Personal Profile” section can indeed be a bit tricky. It’s your chance to provide a succinct but compelling overview of who you are as a professional. When you’re aiming for an entry-level job in blockchain, you’d want to focus on your relevant skills, experience, or even passion for the field.