REIT DAO Project - DAO controlled Real Estate to NFT's with DEX for trading fractional ownership & DeFi Lending

I’m a fairly new student thats been following Ivan for years but never jumped in to programming until now. I’m new still and just don’t have the skills to do what I’m proposing. I need help.

I’ve let my studies slide so I feel bad, but I think it will be worth it. The past 6 months i’ve been developing plans for a startup. It started out as a DAO, then NFT’s in conjunction with real estate. I came up with a 2 token economy, a DAO, and a Time Licensing token. The last part is the real estate that gets minted into real estate.

I war gamed the 2 token system and I think I have it dialed in so that users will follow the incentives to profit and help the project achieve its goals (grow the DAO treasury).

I created a pitch deck and started talking to people. Its easy to just say “Hey I got a token and we use it to back real estate”. Its quite another to put a system together that can generate descent revenues from real estate projects everyone dreams of doing. After pitching several friends (who all loved it) I pitched my first serious recruit.

I pitched Josh, a realtor I met one time through a friend and I knew he was really good at what he does. I called him and pitch. He says “Man its so crazy your calling me out of the blue right here right now with this. I’ve got my friend Skyler here and he’s heavy into NFT’s and does web3 development. I had you on speaker and he’s been listening. He loves this, and because he does I’m game with you.”

I got my first founding member just like that. I called him about 2 months later and he starts asking me questions. Come to find out he’s got 10 single family homes he’s bought himself that he’s flipping (I forgot to mention he’s a expert flipper). He’s concerned about the load of real estate that we would be starting with. I told him we will only be starting with 1 then maybe 2 and we’ll see how this takes off. They guy is 10 properties and has an estimated $4 million tied up and outlaid for rehabbing them, averaging about 20% per deal.

My next recruit was not going to be so easy. A friend of a friend. This lady is an attorney that works on securities fillings with the SEC regarding real estate. This wasn’t a consultation that would cost me money I don’t have. Pitched her over dinner and again I was able to rope them in. She’s game!!!

With my next new founding member who I found out is very well connected (knows people like Robert Kiyosaki) and can help us with litigation if we ever needed it, She is going to help me recruit a crypto securities attorney to assist us further with making us actually legal.

What I feel is the most important aspect of this project, I’ve had the worst luck with, development! I’ve pitched several guys about this, and all of them see it and love it, but they are already committed to projects and just cant break away to actually help.

I need, more specifically a middle layer dev, and potentially a full stack dev.
I’m still very green when it comes to coding, I’m not sure how big of a team I can handle, but I’m sure we can figure it out.

What I have:
BaaS to run my own blockchain and licensing to use it.
A friend helping with the front end.
Purchased the .us and .app TLD for the project.
Real estate agent/developer for rehabbing/selling.
Securities Layer

What I need in order of priority for a MVP:
App for onboarding user registration, wallet generation.
Credit card and ACH payment gateways.
Generate the basic token.
Build the DAO token, smart contract for voting via smart ballots.
App for USD staking
App for Token staking

NFT minting app.
Web3 app to integrate wallets for a crypto payment gateway.
DEX app.
DeFi app with AMM/Liquidity.
Interchain app for Liquidity and trading between blockchains.

I don’t need all of those at once but working down the list to line item 6 is a must for us to move forward. The BaaS is fully compatible and items are exportable to Ethereum, and BSC.

Since we already have our own blockchain I think a lot of this is strait forward and cookie cutter, but will need to be branded with our content.
This will also be a part of a broader ecosystem / incubator for other projects to launch their own DAOs for real estate development/investment. Additionally, those will be traded on the market and have liquidity and DeFi for real estate loans on chain across multiple blockchains.

Right now there are a handful of projects across the globe doing this, but not to this extent. Today there are 0 projects like this in the United States and if we don’t drag our feet and execute, potentially we could be the first to market. If done right, and avoiding the pitfalls of a looming recession, this will be huge, and all of us know it.

So please don’t be shy and lets get to buidling!



This would fix that.
Putting it on chain, and either its available to purchase or it isn’t.
You own it, or you don’t. Its very strait forward if everything is on chain and out in the open.

In fact, the supply in the real estate market becomes fuzzier over time. It depends on the volume of housing commissioned and the secondary market. It is likely that the construction volume will decrease, since banks that have found themselves in a difficult situation due to sanctions have practically stopped issuing loans and are unlikely to do it willingly in the new conditions of a poorly forecasted market. If you just want to sell your house, you can use a simple company like /. Don’t get involved in big games.

Yeah, i’m actually switching gears and am looking to build a platform where home owners can stake their idle equity for interest, fees, and rewards in a defi project we construct. A home owner could make $600 a month staking $100,000.