Real estate in the blockchain

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Who has practical knowledge or info & examples about blockchain & real estate?
This is a topic I truly want to dig in; all your info is welcome to fully understand this niche!

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This is one of the few examples I’m aware of in this space… Enjoy!!

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Hi there,
i’m interested in building a crowdfouding in share building selling and distribute the earnings.
I’ve just started now.

You and me both Diego. I’m learning blockchain and know real estate investing very well. I would love to bring them together more.

Let’s talk would like to see what you are doing. I saw a great article how LABS is doing this through NFT’s.

I rather take the investor point of vue. Like crowdfounding projet with underliyng token as asset. I’ve not investigated NFT yet, but I will.

Looking at that as well. STO’s are a definite route to go as well.

Blockchain can update the traditional multi-listing system (MLS). This professional information system combines the proposals of market participants from different real estate agencies. It creates a much more transparent MLS, in which brokers and agents can see the entire history of transactions about the property.
This technology will simplify the process of buying or selling real estate several times and collecting information about available offers on the market. However, the most important thing is that a person can afford to buy real estate even with an average net worth at retirement. You can find this information in open sources.

I recently started investing in real estate and I know a thing or two about it. To put it simply, blockchain in real estate allows you to eliminate the involvement of third parties in a transaction. At the same time, you have a sense of security in the same transfer of funds. For example, you want to buy an apartment. To make sure you don’t get cheated when you transfer the money, you give it to the bank and it stays there until the seller signs the property over to you. This makes you uncomfortable. With blockchain, that’s out of the question. To be completely sure, I advise you to get a real estate valuation from a special company Now all transactions are carried out this way. I wish you good luck!