Reading Assignments & Exercises - Javascripts

This is just a general question. Is anyone else struggling with the exercises in Eloquent Javascript? I have just started doing them and feel totally out of my depth. They seem quite advanced for a novice…or am I doing something wrong?

A word of guidance from one of the admins would really help.


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I might agree with you, some of the exercises are quite complex for newbies on programming.

I might advice to stick with the book to learn, just reading the concepts, understanding some deeps operations, for practice, you can try with or

Carlos Z

Thanks Carlos. I wasn’t sure if I was just being stupid or if it was just a bit to difficult at this stage!

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Yes, some exercises are hardcore. The first few sections are good starters, but e.g. the deep cloning exercise is very hard.

Thanks Zsolt. I worked out that as I had gone straight to chapter 4 of Eloquent JS it didn’t make as much sense. As if I’d read the previous chapters as they build on each other. I’m still really struggling with the exercises but as I’ll do the ones Carlos sent me so that I can start recognising and learning patterns of code. Your explanations on the videos are very good by the way.

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Thanks, great to hear the course makes sense to you.

Not to piggy back off of this problem, but I too am struggling with the workbook problems and yes feel quite dumb haha. I have gotten to the writing good JS section and honestly just feel a little overwhelmed.

It’s fine to skip them and get back once you level up a few times like in a role playing game.

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