Read Write vs CRUD

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When I design my first product 10 years ago. The transaction table is CR only ,too .


Problems with centralized IT infrastructure include the fact that in a centralised IT infrastructure the normal databases have CRUD, meaning Create Read Update Delete. There is always a super user who can do all of those operations.

In Blockchain you have transparency and integrity because in Block chain the only functions you have are Create and Read, which means that you can only add things which is why we say that Blockchain is an append only system.

You can only add things to the ledger and you can read things from the ledger, you remove or delete things, you cannot update existing records, you can only add new records.

On Blockchain there is append only functionalities.


So blockchain is just Create and Read. Blockchain has no Update and Delete? So Hyperledger is a middleground of centralized and decentralized? You can only add and not edit and delete?

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Immutable data, meaning you can not update it or delete, what you can do is create another data that interact with a old data to create a new log into the blockchain to say “this data has been change to this” for example.

Yes, basic middleground that can give you both features from both type of databases, or you can customized like you want to.

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blockchain database append only
that also means immutable data and transparent because it cannot be change and able to read the data