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i am Henning. I am a student at the Ivan on tech academy since last year. I find it absoluetly amazing what the guys teach us and what results could be possible.

I am really fascinated by the Dapp programming part. So I decided to combine Moralis, 1Inch and Polygon to code my own cross-chain-swap Dapp.

With this link you can find some videos that show the Dapp in action.

First I swap ETH on ethereum to COMP on polygon. Than I swap COMP to SUPER on polygon. Finally the last swap is COMP on polygon to 1inch in ethereum. I took me 3 three weeks to fully understan every step on a programming level. But it was a great journey.

Beacause the bridging could take some time I had to cut the video a little bit. Every swap-job is stored on moralis. So you don’t need to wait in front of your monitor for the next step. When you reload the page all your open jobs will be loaded and processed.

Of course one could achive the same result simply by using 1inch Dapp and matic wallet. But I found it quite nice to have it all on one site. Maybe I will try to implement this in my own version of an ethereum wallet. We will see.

You can find the code on my github page.



Wow man this looks amazing!

Might be amazing if you can record a demo that we can later use to pump your project! :muscle:

Let me know if you are interesting, our amazing testimonial team can reach to you to help you made it through!

Carlos Z


wow this is so nice, welldone!!!

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@ivan @thecil Thank you Ivan and Carlos. This means a lot to me. Of course I would be very happy to record a demo for you.