PROJECT ZΞD: Pre Early Release on Test Net Ropsten

My team and I have been working on a unique digital horseracing game called ZΞD. It runs off the Ethereum network using ERC 721 tokens and we are currently on Ropsten doing some early testing.

Go to and use access code: crypto_zed_invite



ZΞD is a blockchain game where stable owners can buy, breed and race digital thoroughbreds. The aim of the game is to create a legacy with a valuable stable full of winning racehorses. Each racehorse is uniquely created with a smart contract that is linking performance data using cryptography. As a racehorse evolves into something greater it becomes more desirable.

The first part ownership of the asset (the racehorse) is ready for testing if you would like to try it out, jump over to our website right now. You will be able to create a stable, buy a racehorse and see the racehorse in your stable upon a successful transaction.Tip: Don’t forget to switch to Ropsten test-network when you fire up Metamask.

It’s super early days for us, so be one of the first to join our community chat. Don’t forget to join us on Discord!

Early Release The Early Release is simply how we plan on releasing the first batch of racehorses. These are the only racehorses that will be sold at a fixed price. We are releasing a total of 38,000 and that’s it! We have built out and ready to test this phase of development on the Ropsten test network, so feel free to give us a go!
Market Place The Marketplace is where you, the user, can take your racehorse and sell it via an auction to other users. You set the price and you collect any profits that are there to be had.
Stud Farm The Stud Farm is where breeding happens. If you own a male racehorse, you can place them in the Stud Farm and set a price for female thoroughbreds to breed with you. The male keeps the money, and the female keeps the offspring.
Live Racing This is what we are most excited about. We have prototyped and tested various versions of what live racing would be like on the blockchain. One of the most important considerations the team has thought about is how to keep users who have purchased racehorses coming back to ZΞD. We have devised and implemented a lottery style algorithm that selects racehorses are random to compete in races. The aim is to have more than one hundred races per day.

Ropsten is a test-net design by Metamask to help developers test project transactions LIVE without spending real Ether. It’s virtual play money, not real eth!

  1. Go to Metamask and click on the menu drop-down arrow next to ETHEREUM MAIN NETWORK, the ROPSTEN option will appear as one of the options (its pink)
  2. Click on the DEPOSIT button
  3. Go to the Faucet section GET ETHER
  4. You will be redirected to where you will see a GREEN button labeled request one ether for faucet
  5. A hash should appear in the bottom section to confirm the transaction
  6. YOU’RE DONE! You have play money in your ROPSTEN account

The race roster contains a list of recently purchased thoroughbreds and the stables they belong to. Every racehorse sold will be included in the schedule for the 2019 horse racing season. Owners of each thoroughbred will be able to breed, sell and participate in races in Q1 2019. You can read more on racing and more on the FAQ page.

Side note: We have received a few questions relating to “why aren’t you launching racing from the get-go?” and that is because we want users to compete against other users. To do so, we need to build a community first for racing to be exciting.

We have compiled a detailed list of questions that users may ask us. Please check this FAQ link from time to time as we will continually update this page. If your question, feel free to chat to us here or with the small community on Discord.

This is most certainly a passion project that has turned into something serious, we are in this long term! We have been fortunate enough to raise some venture capital to pursue our vision along with your help!

Feel free to check us out and drop some feedback.

Etherscan: (Ropsten) Address 0x7eF5304edD50382f94e4c17A95fB0e3bD8Be0934

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Seems interesting, I’ll take a look!

As for the “test-net” aspect, as those testing will get free horses and have a “head-start” because of beta phase, I’m assuming everything will be wiped once its ready for real full release?

Or those with beta horses will be allowed to keep them?

Thanks for clarifying!

Hey, there sorry we missed this one :slight_smile:

Correct we will need to clear the database when we shift over to main-net as it will be a different environment.

That will include horses brought whilst on Ropsten test-net.