Problems with Node.js

Hi. I currently have the following problem with node.js and could´nt find any satisfactory solution until now. I am currently doing the React Web development course and in order to set up the correct development environment I need Node.js 14.0 and above. For the solidity courses I used Node v12.0.0 as I otherwise had problems with truffle.

I found a solution using nvm where I can install multiple versions of node and select which version I want to use with a project.

My problem is that when i try to select a version I get the error “exit status 1: Access denied”
My question is !) Is there a known solution for this or ") would you advise me to just uninstall everything and download the latest stabel Node build and hope that it will also work with Truffle?

Thanks in advance

You need to open your console as administrator, then you should be able to run the nvm command to select a version.

Carlos Z

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Thank you very much for the fast reply!

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