Problem with uniswap trade

Hi guys, I hope anyone can explain this to me. Im trying to make a trade on uniswap (i’ve also tried with 1inch), and I get the following:


Do you guys know why my trade has such a big impact? Im only trying to convert 400USDC to SPND … I have tried converting a smaller amount, but for 100USD worth of ETH on gas cost, it doesnt make too much sense, unless I was expecting a 10x from SPND price …

Do you know any resource that I can use to impact the price less, or do you even have an explanation why this happens for some trades and for others is less than 1% . I knjow that it has to do with how the AMM protocol or algortihm works, but does it means it has too few liquidity? should I try converting from USDT? I also tried using ETH and the same happens.

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I know next to nothing but I’m interested in the answer as well. My hunch is that you’re trading a pair with relatively little liquidity, as you suggested. (Particularly low if 400 UDSC has that price impact.) I’m wondering how/if Uniswap v3’s concentrated liquidity is going to affect this.

yes hudson, excatly!! but how come a project that has a market cap of 74MUSD, doesnt have enough liquidity on uniswap or 1inch for a 400USD trade :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:(suposedly 1inch is a DEX aggregator, so it should review all of the dex’s and come up with the one with the most liquidity) … I suppose that that project is mainly transacted over on CEX’s

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