Portfolio Website

I built my own portfolio using React! :wave:

Reasons for building this project:

  • Main: Develop my frontend skills to be able to build an amazing frontend for DApps (using Moralis)
  • Have a website to showcase my projects which I built with the help of IoT instructors and community
  • It’s a fun learning experience (frustrating at times, but worth it!)

A big shout out to everyone in the academy for guiding and helping me in my journey! You’re all amazing :100:
Special thanks to my course instructors: @ivan, @filip, @zsolt-nagy, @amadeobrands,
my student counselor: @Mauro, and active forum help: @thecil, @Malik, @dan-i

A quick summary of my programming journey:

  1. Knew nothing, don’t know what is HTML, CSS, and Javascript
  2. Enrolled in IoT Academy (March 2021), took the basic courses
  3. Got my Javascript course certificate from IoT (March 29)
  4. ETH Programming 101 & 201 certificate (April 17)
  5. React course certificate from IoT (May 22)
  6. Built Projects! (should’ve done this waaaaaay sooner :sweat_smile:)

The power of IoT Academy
“I failed multiple times at every step, been discouraged by failed projects and interviews, but my counselor and the forum people gave me the extra push I needed to forge through”


Now this is looking amazing!! Well done :partying_face:

Let us know if you would love to record a quick testimonial video about the academy, in case you can, the testimonial team can reach you to help you with it!

I’m very glad to see your progress of multiple courses into 1 project, this is exactly the goal of the Academy and forum, that you are able to create any programming project by using all the knowledge from the courses!

I’m sharing this with the team! :nerd_face:

Carlos Z

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Thank you so much, man!

I am planning to do that recording thing for a while now, just going through a rough phase in life, LOL

I still have a lot to learn though, but I feel that I’m on track thanks to all of you in the Academy

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Congratulations man!

Keep the fire going :fire:

Go through Dapp Programming and security courses if you didn’t yet. Extremely valuable! :raised_hands:


Hi there :wave:

Thank you so much! I started the Eth Dapp course but I struggled with the frontend, I know the course focuses on building smart contracts but I just thought it would be worth my time to learn frontend, especially since Moralis is now present.

I’ll definitely take the security course as well!

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Congrats, @CryptoXyz! Solid progress.


Thank you so much Zsolt! I learned a lot from you, like using React, git and github. I wish you more success! :100:

This is amazing. Keep up the awesome work @CryptoXyz!

Cheers all the way! :smiley: :partying_face:

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Thank you for your support and guidance! :100:

Hi CryptoXyz. That’s great what you 'we done !!! Congratulation!!! I am beginner here and this what I see what you did impresses me. Good luck!

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Hi @turbodrakul, Thank you for your appreciation!

I hope you’re having fun and learning a lot in the academy :smiley: The instructors and community forum are awesome and really helpful.

Good luck, and may we all succeed in this space :100:

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Wow, way to go. I’ve been working on IOT courses for the whole year now but you’re way ahead of me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::call_me_hand: Very inspiring. I need to get on working on my own projects.

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Thanks for the appreciation, man!

I honestly think that I’m not ahead of you, you’ve gone through courses that I haven’t even started yet, and knowledge is power, especially the knowledge from the Academy courses! :100:

I wish you success! Happy learning :nerd_face:

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Congratulations man, awesome work. I am new to this whole space but that’s very inspiring hope it dose not take me forever to get half as good.
wish you loads of luck for the future


Hey there, Hope you’re well! Thank you so much for your appreciation! :smiley:

I’m not an expert in this space and was a total beginner just a few months back, but here’s what I’ve learned so far here in the Academy. (disclaimer: I did not plan to learn to code when I first got into the Academy) :v:

“Learn at your own pace, you might not notice it but you’re better today than you were yesterday. Learn something new every day, a little knowledge can go a long way. Utilize the forum, there are lots (and I mean LOTS) of amazing people that can help you on your learning journey! Finally, take breaks and periods of REST

Happy learning! :100:

Good job! I just finished my React exchange project. It’s nice to see how you are using React to promote yourself.

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Congrats! Hope we’ll all be successful in life

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great site. I just created mine, using lots of themes and copy pasting from other places.


I liked it! Looks simply and beautiful :slight_smile:

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Looks awsome and clean :+1:t2: got some new ideas from your site :rocket: