Portfolio App Best way to build it?

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Is there an app or website that tracks altcoins that have been traded?

Meaning if someone has used Uniswap to trade altcoins how would they be able to see what their gains or losses are. Sort of like CoinGeckos Portfolio but based on your wallet’s address.

I want to build an app that you can put your Metamask wallet address into it and have it show you when you bought the coins, how much you paid, and what the current value of the coins are.

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I have a simplified version of this. I have a python script that uses the coingecko api. my first few variables are the coins I own with the number of coins and the amount I paid. With the coingecko api I pull the current price and from there get my current value and also determine my percentages of profit per coins and per total. you could probably use other api’s to pull the amount of coins you have from etherscan for example or just do a web get and some grep/sed/awk magic to get your current amounts. I will eventually add this to my script.
I also dump to file the values or my coins and some coins I watch so that I have their historical value.


Hi Badtoken,

thanks for the input that is enough to get me started, I’m taking the C++ course and was learning about variable this morning, I’ll get started with python and put something together the way you suggest. appreciate it very much.


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HI there,
There are 2 decent portfolio apps that i am aware of and i think you can plug them into your account using the API (but you would need to check this).

  1. Coin Stats
  2. BitScreener

Hope this answers your question

Hi BigStrongDude,
Coinstats, Blockfolio, and you can connect your metamask and others to get a live portfolio tracker (average buy, date, …)
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Yeah I use Coinstats and its pretty decent, but wouldn’t it be nice to have an open source, privacy-respecting app instead? Also I’ve been crazy for a tool that could calculate sharp ratio/efficiency frontier etc for rebalancing or positioning assets based on modern portfolio.
If there’s any I would love the hint. If no…Well, maybe could be a cool project to practice he programming courses hehe

By the way, it’s not really automatic tracking, but there are some sheets models that makes it easier to add trading history or track the amount by coin or USD-equivalent for instance of a blockchain address. Look for cryptomonks or cryptocurious on medium (or duckduckgo something like Track Your Portfolio with Google Sheets… You’ll find it in the first results)

I use https://www.zapper.fi and https://app.zerion.io/ to track my portfolio and other wallets :nerd_face:

Carlos Z

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