Please get rid of Amadeo

Please get rid of amadeo his explantions in the videos arent helping at all, the code he posts are different from his videos and when you ask him for help all he says is- keep trying you on a good path.

Nobody asked him If we are on a good path so what is this for a reply.
We need someone that can actually foolow up with questions we have.

DeFi 101 was already boring adn Defi 202 is even worse-
Please find someone else to teach those things that is actually more helpfull and better in explaining.

Im interessted in coding but he dont know how to teach that- its a waste of time listening to this guy

Is there a way I can have my money back? Im not happy at all with these courses- they basically dont teach anything.
I find better tutorials o youtube for free than what i get here

I was wondering about this.
I was thinking that maybe was only me but, if feel the same.
I have only done the DeFi 101 and some of its videos are too long and boring.
In fact decide to go by myself and just try to read and learn by the links provided on each lecture.
@ivan has made a great push to release DeFi 201 (which I have not attended yet) but definitely they need to revisit the first one and try to make something like the one that they are advertising.

Hello sir, I’m sorry if you are having a bad experience with the courses.

If you still are planning to request a refund please send an email to: [email protected]

Carlos Z.

no, sorry i had a bad day back than you ignore this post