Pathway to building a mining game


I’m creating an NFT mining game.

I have some questions about the development of the project on the blockchain.

1 - What would be the first step to make a game with the farming part similar to Mobox, Binaryx and CryptoCars?

2 - Should I start with the smart contract? How do I link the smart contract to the website?

3 - What would be the steps for creating the project?

4 - How do I create the token pool and make the distribution to the players?

5 - In what part of the course do I learn to make the financial transaction contract for the NFT sale in the website?

Thank you.

Hey @Allem, hope you are well.

If you are new into the Solidity programming field, i advice you to check our Ethereum Smart Contract Programming 101 & 201, with those 2, you can chooes the Ethereum Game Programming, which will teach you about the NFTs and the Ethereum Dapp Programming, which is related to dapps.

Carlos Z