Other backend responsibilities

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Crypto is about storing transactions - it’s all about databases.

A business with normal SQL model - then is developing into decentralized database - you will often use blockchain as database.

Back end developer is not just dealing with databases.

Security - information in databases needs to be secure.

How do you connect information together and connect databases in a secure way?
Fast, easy and secure connection that allows you to query all databases.
Impossible to hack/access from outside.
Create API so that people can access your logic.
Backend developer needs to develop API.
Also Backend developer needs to communicate with others on the team about the physical machines such as the servers, and what servers to use.
What machines will be running the databases, where will the logic be running - the infrastructure person needs to handle the infrastructure - but the backend developer can be a part of that.
You want to make your API safe from random access.
You only want the client with the correct logged in user to be able to fetch the information from the API.
This is about security and reasoning.


after all,
crypto databases is a combo of SQL, graph and noSQL

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