OriginTrail 101/102 - Discussion

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I think there is a mixup of the video order in OriginTrail 102:
Some of the materials covered in Node prerequisites topic are not fitting until after Configuring your Node topic which make it confusing.

Another thing is that there is no link for this course where one can ask questions or get help.

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Hey @carolyn, hope you are ok.

We have added this dicussion forum link in the forum in some lessons in the course :nerd_face:.

I think your confusion comes from the node config file, which is first presented on Node prerequisites but used later in the Configuring Node lessons.

Carlos Z

so if I was to sum OriginTrail up… basically its a way to store data off chain at origintrail nodes through the use of the eth/xdai network ?

is there any way to protect some aspects of the data from some users? i.e. access control on some fields that were imported?