Orderbook length is not 0 at beginning?


I am making some tests in my DEX contract, and this test tells me that in the beginning of the test when just the link and dex contract have been deployed, orderbook.length for the sell side is not 0? Can you help me with it because I have no clue why is that.

Test part:

 it("this test should pass as the orderbook as the market order is fully filled and 1 limit order remained in Sell Side of the orderbook", async () => {
        let dex = await Dex.deployed()
        let link = await Link.deployed()

        let orderbook = await dex.getOrderBook(web3.utils.fromUtf8("LINK"), 1);
        assert(orderbook.length == 0, "Sell side ordebook should be empty at start of test");

        await dex.addToken(web3.utils.fromUtf8("LINK"), link.address);

        await link.transfer(accounts[1], 100);
        await link.transfer(accounts[2], 100);

        await link.approve(dex.address, 100, {from: accounts[1]});
        await link.approve(dex.address, 100, {from: accounts[2]});

        await dex.deposit(100, web3.utils.fromUtf8("LINK"), {from: accounts[1]});
        await dex.deposit(100, web3.utils.fromUtf8("LINK"), {from: accounts[2]});

        await dex.depositETH({value: 100})

        await dex.createLimitOrder(1, web3.utils.fromUtf8("LINK"), 10, 1, {from: accounts[1]})
        await dex.createLimitOrder(1, web3.utils.fromUtf8("LINK"), 10, 1, {from: accounts[2]})

        await dex.createMarketOrder(0, web3.utils.fromUtf8("LINK"), 10) 
        orderbook = await dex.getOrderBook(web3.utils.fromUtf8("LINK"), 1);
        assert(orderbook[0].filled == 0, "after the trade, there should be 5 amount left for the second limit order");
        assert(orderbook.length == 1, "Sell side Orderbook should only have 1 order left");


my code is the same as philip’s, but I have also uploaded to gitHub just in case: https://github.com/Riki0923/DEX

Thank you for the help in advance!

It means that the order book should be 0 at the start (no order has been created once the contract is deployed). I dont see any error here tbh.

Carlos Z