Opulence-New Crypto for all Financial Markets Traders and Investors

I want us to revolutionize trading,by creating a cryptocurrency for traders,by traders and use by traders and who knows we can turn it to all brokers currency of choice.

The main big idea is to be able to build an AI interface that will store a profitable trading process by looking at profitable trade and loosing trades data submitted by traders as proof of work from their live account and see how best it can be improve for profitability and then with much trade related data empower this AI to identify various market conditions and trade according to it.

I will appreciate input from new and advance developers who will like to work together on this idea and let us to take to a much bigger idea.

Therefore if you are interested do not hesitate to contact me and let us share the idea here on this platform and see how best we can come up with this power method that will be a huge blockchain of trades and power AI that will take trading in the financial market a much easy platform for all newbies and advance traders to gain a cryptocurrency named Opulence as compensation for their input.

I will be adding new ideas as we go.

My expertise are in Market Profile,Harmonics,Market Structure,A little bit pinescript,moving averages etc plus I am a partner at a Proprietary Trading Firm in London for anyone who need access to Trading Capital do not hesitate to ask,you can have access to some capital through the firm.


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