Opportunity of a lifetime for programmers!

Hello Fellow Moralis students!

Me and my friend is launching an app called JobDeal, Its an decentralisation app like Uber or AirBnb but for work and help. We se it as the modern Robinh Hood of our time, just like Cryptocurrency.
To help balance out the money of the earth.
We have Bianca Ingrosso(Most famous person in Sweden as we speak(1,4m followers)) that will help us with free marketing in Sweden and also my sister Dorothea Barth-Jörgensen(Former
world top ranked photo model who did Victoria Secret) to help with America.
You can check it out on Android or Apple stores or our homepage jobdeal.com.

We are launching this project trough my friends contacts on the Elrond smart chain. Their 4 last launches generated between 10 Million and 30 Million USD, and thise projects was only ideas, they did not have a ready project as we do. So we are aming for 50m+ on launch.

I’ve joined Moralis because I hoped I would be able to build my own token in a month or so. I could not, I have no former programming experience etc.
I’m looking for help here, is there anyone that would like to join us on this journey to help people find their daily money easier as well as guide people that need help to the right helper.

What we need is a Programmer that will be able to program on Elronds smart chain, rust and phyton i think.
I´m giving away a part of my ownership in this potentially multibillion dollar company. So that I can focus on what I do best.

Write me an email with a presentation and why you think that you could bring value to JobDeal.
Please describe your former experience. [email protected] is the email.

All the best
Markus Barth-Jörgensen