Node.js is giving me an error code when installing and programing into Visual Studio

installing node.js is sending me an error upgrading onto visual studio and I’m not able to get the same results my instructor is teaching me in my javascript classes.

I tried uninstalling both VS and node.js and im not having any luck.

I tried repairing, and other tips people stated on reddit and on other info site. Can anyone help me with this?

I have a windows computer

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hey @keyser12, hope you are well.

What are you trying install exactly? which video lesson are you following?

Carlos Z

node.js right now but that isn’t linking or programming properly to Visual studio or powercell in Visual Studio.
I’m getting error messages like in the screenshot above.

My course I’m taking is Javascript and Programming Fundamentals for Beginners and I’m on the “Hello, Moralis” section.

Did you activate this option on the nodejs installer?


After installation you can simply type node -v on poweshell or visual studio console or CMD, and it will return you the version you have installed.

Carlos Z

I reinstalled node.js and did activate the option you showed me in your screenshot. I’m going to attach some screenshots to show what I’m getting on my end for results.

The same error is popping up at the end of installation.

Powershell is saying node.js is programmed, but I am still not getting the same results my instructor is showing when he goes to the HTML live server, in the “Hello, Moralis” segment.

Is powershell not fully connected to node.js, or is it me?

The first screenshot is the end result my instructor had for the code typed.

This is the results I’m getting from copying the same code my instructor typed in the first screenshot.

This is the error message the node.js installation is sending me.

This is the version powershell is saying is programmed.

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Apparently node has been installed properly, you can ask for the version of it, but the error you are receiving, you must be trying to run a command that is failing, you are trying to upgrade a package?

Also you can share the code you are using in the following way:

Carlos Z.