NFT login page for company (internal & external use)

Hi I’m new Student at Moralis, i have a big client that want NFT to be as a key to login to their internal web for their employee, so just several employee to have access to several depend on NFT their hold. for example :
Smart Contract A - token ID 1-1000

Web Page A need have NFT token id 1-100
Web page B need have NFT token id 101-201
and so on…

So employees Dept A which want to login on web page A must have NFT token id between 1-100 on their metamask wallet.
and so on for page B

there are any template code or webpage login css or tutorial to build that thing?

i know its to practical, and i just digital marketer and want to learn dept about blockchain in global, so i’m new with a blockchain, and i still learn it and need more time, but i need help to implement this protocol to client web in the couple of next week.

Hope i’ve a good news from all lecture here to make some tutorial or boillerplate login webpage which have a rule / protocol like i mention above.