New to programming! Getting confused with JavaScript terms

Hey guys/girls, I’m 17% through the smart programming course, i know abit of HTML… but that is about as far as my coding knowledge goes…

Ive just finished the Triangle/FizzBuzz/Chessboard section and i honestly couldn’t even begin to understand what code to use to do what i needed to do… In theory i knew what i needed to do… But i had no idea how to implement it using the language or correct terms.

I don’t learn very well from reading, im much more of a visual learner… So audio and video work best for me…

So my question is… Is there some basic things i can watch on youtube etc to start learning more about the correct terms to use etc?

Because every time i search for videos on there, they lose me real quick once they start talking about these huge words that make no sense… Then string them together with these other words that make no sense to me and i just get completely lost.

I feel like im in over my head here because i don’t understand enough of the basics…

Can anyone help?

When you come across a term that you don’t understand google it. It’s kind of difficult for me to relate because I’ve been in school for too long trying to get my Bachelors in Computer Science. I can pick up on new language very quickly for the same reason that your struggling. My first language was java. Not JavaScript. Than I switched schools and had to retake everything in C++. I found it much easier to learn C++ because most of the syntax was similar. If it was called something else it behaved the same way for the most part. I remember asking my teacher “what’s the difference between functions and methods? , they seem like they are the same thing? He said yea in Java they call them methods, and in c++ they call them functions but they behave the same.” Than in lower level languages they are often called subroutines. But they all are just chunks of code that can be called up to do a specific action. If that’s all confusing to you than google “what is a function in Java?” Than read about it try to write some sample code. Really you just have to google everything. If you can’t find your answers there than post them here like you did. But next time post specifically what terms your struggling with. A lot of us coders like to help other people out. It helps us to retain the material if we teach it. So let’s us teach you.

Happy coding.


Thanks for that Limitless… I guess its just gonna have to be constant back and forth with google till i start to grasp the concepts better haha

Hi community, i felt a bit disappointed as i saw that i wasnt able to solve the exercises of chapter 2
So i wanted to ask you if this is normal and i just have to go one, what i will do for sure ore if i am just to dumb :smile:
I also wanted to ask if someone would help me a bit in the beginning, someone i could ask questions if i have one
thank you guys !

I am so glad I have found this and I am not the only one, I was beginning to give up. I found exactly the same, I knew what I had to do but couldn’t work out how to put it into code that worked, I eventually found the answer on Google after days of trying myself. I understood the answer after but been new to it, can’t seem to be able to do it off my own bat, at the moment. I’m hoping with practice it will all just come together eventually and click in my brain :confused:

Hello, Can anyone help me? Programming is absolutely new to me and I am almost half way through JavaScript course but to be honest I don’t understand what I need to do in the end and am a bit lost I would say as English as well is not my mother tongue…
Can anyone tell or help my? is this normal…?

As Ivan said in the course, programming isn’t easy. However, if you persevere and keep trying, you will be rewarded tenfold. Once you have learnt the fundamentals of a language, things will get exponentially easier.

I am also doing the JavaScript course, but have a background knowledge of different languages, which does help, but it is still challenging to figure out. To be honest, it is good that it’s challenging, because it teaches you to have a patient mindset as well.

Using a web search is going to be your best friend when learning code. Try things out, experiment in the console and see what works and what doesn’t. That is the best way to learn for many.

For JavaScript, you can also have a look at w3schools, there is a wealth of information on that site that’ll help you along the way.