New to crypto? Let me help!

I’m so glad you are curious and want to learn about the blockchain technology and all of the developments that are going on in this space.

My name is Ivan and I run the Ivan on Tech youtube channel where I educate hundreds of thousands of people about cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology. I’m a software developer and computer scientist – technology is my passion.

I totally understand that learning about these topics can feel overwhelming, there are so many buzzwords and concepts to learn and understand. Not only is this rabbit hole deep, it is getting deeper by the day because this industry moves super fast and we see new projects and ideas being released to the world on a daily bases.

Understand the basics by understanding Bitcoin

In order to understand the current cryptocurrency landscape one has to start with getting a basic understanding of Bitcoin and the blockchain technology behind Bitcoin. Having that foundation of knowledge will make it easier for you to continue learning and understanding the more recent blockchain projects such as Ethereum.

To aid you on your journey I have written an ebook with all the fundamental knowledge about Bitcoin and the blockchain technology you need.



Beyond Bitcoin

As you may already know the current blockchain landscape is filled with different projects, platforms for decentralized applications, decentralized autonomous organisations, etc. I know that you might be really confused by the words above. As a first step I would recommend you watching my video on Ethereum in order to start understanding Blockchain 2.0 and decentralized applications.

Keep learning and STAY UPDATED

Just the fact that you’ve read until this paragraph means that you are genually interested in learning about crypto currencies and the blockchain technology and I hope that Crypto Pub will be a great tool you can use on your journey!


One thing to keep in mind is that this industry is moving EXTREMELY FAST. You need to stay updated. I highly recommed you adding Crypto Channel TV to your bookmarks and visiting it regularly to get all the latest news and information. Crypto Channel TV is a website I built for the blockchain community where all the latest and relevant crypto content is collected in one single place.

The whole behind idea with Crypto Channel TV is to serve you all the best and latest content from the best content creators in the blockchain industry so that you can have all the information in one place and discover new channels and creators. :slight_smile:

Follow other amazing educators and content creators

The crypto space is new but already has impressive people spreading the word and edication. My favourite though leader is Andreas Antonopolous. He is actually the person who inspired me to start creating crypto content.

Another person I really admire is Boxmining. Boxmining reports all the news in the crypto space on a DAILY basis. Sometimes he pumps out crypto 3-4 videos a day, he is a beast.

There are of course other honorable mentions such as DataDash and CryptoDaily and a dozen other YouTubers.

I highly recommend anyone who is just starting learning about cryptocurrencies to follow several different creators in order to get as much knowledge from different sources as possible.

Don’t hesitate to ask!

Feel free to ping me and ask questions :heart: