New crypto project first steps

Hey guys! I finally got up and want to stop being lazy, which is harder than it sounds haha.

I’m a IoT student and started some seminars to learn more about crypto and with a friend of mine who is more on the developing area we would like to create a crypto (we have the basic idea, but I’ll let you know more in the future). I would be the business responsible for it. Currently I’m in the Blockchain Business Masterclass class at around 70%.

Maybe some of you had the same questions and can direct me somehow in the right way:

  • I want to learn more about tokens and tokenomics of coins. Reasons why to use some way and not other. What options there are and how other coins have done it (compare)

  • How can I find the owner of a contract and if the liquidity is burned (what does that exactly mean)

  • Why would someone hold a token or invest in the project (besides of the trading/hodling profitability)? How can I incentivize this? Vesting is a good solution? Other options? How does this work for uniswap, pancake, quickswap for example and why do people hold these tokens?

  • Why people farm and how it’s possible for a coin to give incentive to people to farm? How does it work?

  • Governance is a reason as I understand, but what does this exactly mean? What’s the benefit of having it?

  • Staking vs farming? How do I know which is best for a project?

  • How do I create a road map and where can I find more examples of known roadmaps?

  • How do airdrops work and would it be a good idea?

  • How do I avoid pump and dump?

  • What marketing options do I have and where can I learn more about them?

I now this is a lot, but thanks for investing the time to answer! Maybe @thecil knows also some topics around here that might help.

Thanks a lot, guys!
Greetings from Romania, Eugen

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Hey @Ardeal, hope you are well.

Most of your questions are explained in videos of this channel:

Also if you want to get indeep info about tokenomics, blockchain utilities and reviews, you should watch:

The only way I know to get into the answers is to DYOR, I could give you my own point of view, but would not explain the entire spectrum in some few sentences.

Hope this help :nerd_face:

Carlos Z