NEED HELP! NFT Marketplace

Hey, im following the NFT marketplace course and im stuck as hell. The problem is that when i press the create kitty the transacion fails, browser prints "from isnt autorised to send transactions",Im surely using the account[0] of ganache in metamask. I tried everything and dont know what else i can do.

This is my index.js :slight_smile:

var web3 = new Web3(Web3.givenProvider);
//la variable abi la tenemos en abi.js 
var instance;
var user;
var contractAddress = "0x4FC25B84A848531cA5B35060f42C6Ca583F36dC8";

$(document).ready(async function(){
    const accounts = await ethereum.request({ method: 'eth_requestAccounts' });
    instance =  await new web3.eth.Contract(abi, contractAddress, {from: accounts[0]});
    user = accounts[0];


this is my funcion for the button:

function kittyTransaction(event){
    var genes = getDna();
    instance.methods.createGenesisKitty(genes).send({},function (err, TxHash){
    } )