MyEtherWallet and Ledger Nano


I’m hoping I can get some clear information.

I have some different ERC20 tokens held on Binance. I want to store them to my Nano.

I know I have to set up a MyEtherWallet address, but as I hold more than one type of ERC20 token, my question is, do I have to set up a separate MyEtherWallet address for each token and then send each to a different, separate address on my Nano, or does the MEW wallet already keep each token separate under one address and that automatically keeps them separate on my Ledger?

And, does each token being transferred incur Gwei fees, or can it all be done under one Tx?

Thanks and sorry for the noob question


You can send them all to one Ethereum address and yes you need to make a transaction for each token you want to send.

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Thanks nflaig, much appreciated