My brain is hurting

@ivan : I was an early subscriber to your channel, back in late 2016 I think. I saw you do some biceps pull-ups lol. :muscle:

I am an “ex-sciences degree”. Academics are paid every year less here :nauseated_face:. Right now is around 350 USD for 6 days a week 10 hours a day to keep up with the competition and with no equipment in good shape to really accomplish anything :face_vomiting:. Argentina. I have some programming experience and I always wanted to switch to programming. I guess this is the time.

I should have entered this world sooner :see_no_evil:. I don’t know why I was so strong-headed regarding other projects of mine. I guess I have to thank the pandemic for destroying all my other aspirations and forcing me into this space. :sweat:

So, I enrolled 8 days ago. And I completed 3 courses already. I already knew some of the concepts, but the amount of information inserted into my cerebral cortex is overwhelming :robot:. My brain is hurting right now. :astonished:

Thanks, Ivan. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



Glad to know you are enjoying the academy man!

Although is true, is way too much information for the brain, you will start to like it, the entire crypto industry is way too much fun (as long as you like to learn something new).

Our forum team will be helping you over the courses so you can learn fast!

Keep always learning :nerd_face:

Carlos Z

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Carlos, I feel like my brain was a forgotten dried sponge and now that I scratched the surface, it has come back to life. It is only a little bit humid, but it is getting shinier and It still has lots of capacity for the cripto water flow…