Mutual funds for crypto?

Are there any mutual funds that “normal” people can invest in? I do hold some cryptos myself but would like to use some mutual fund or etf to diversify.

I think there are some ICO’s looking to do just this, if I’m understanding you right :slight_smile:
Can’t think of the specfic projects, but shouldn’t be more than a google away ;D

I think Mike Novogratz was working on doing something like a ETF/hedgefund as well at some point, but has since cancelled or postponed the idea

Thanks @CryptoS17!

I did do some googling but couldn’t really find much. Nothing that’s purely crypto. Did see the arkw/arkk etfs have some 7% or so in crypto related holdings, but that’s it.

try google crypto20, listing on hitbtc mid Jan
another one is swissborg, ico stage
hope would help

Googling for crypto20 I also found
These look interesting, thanks!

Have a look at no min amount ! Year in service!

The Best one out there is TAAS
Has been operating close on 9 mths - solely crypto with a mix of ICO’s and crypto’s
Pays a handsome dividend - fist quarter was approx $0.26 a token, second quarter was approx $0.33 a token (a return of approx 60c in six months of an initial investment of $1 plus the value of the fund has skyrocketed x 9 times in that period.

Of the ico’s they contributed in this Quarter - ICON - my figures have them making $18m on the 750eth investment in that ico alone for quarter 3.

also as mentioned above Crypto 20 - invests only in the top 20 (by marketcap) crypto’s
should be on exchanges in the next few weeks

Thanks ResetNow. That one looks interesting.
Any idea if Coinomi wallet gets the earnings payouts if you store taas there?

Somehow I thought it was a choice in Coinomi, but it seems not…

Hi Jan,

I am not sure with Coinomi wallet - I do not use any mobile app wallets. I only use MEW
But I am sure any ERC20 wallet should work

Mind you I see TAAS price is starting to rise - and will rise till the end of January - as the next quarter dividends go to TAAS holders at around the end of Jan - first couple of days of Feb.
Then based on the past two quarters - price drops off some immediately after the dividend for the quarter:frowning:

A lot with the price will reflect around the current value of holdings
BUT what appealed to me is they do both crypto and ICO’s
and with a very strong last quarter - the value of the fund will increase expotentially,
as I stated above they were in ICON for 750 ETH, and two other ICO’s that have release are both up x10 fold

Very interesting fund

Thank again, ResetNow.
Seems they can be stored in Coinomi after all. Have to figure it out, but I’ll get some.

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Thank you @Derek_Casper ill check that out. hope you are well buddy.


If you are outside of the US, BLX offered by ICONOMI might be what you’re looking for.

Hi @Jan_van_Mourik

There are some ETPs that you can buy directly through a traditional broker.
Best example is:

They have several ETPs tracking different cryptos (BTC, ETH, or a mix)