Most exciting Decentralized Finance (DeFi) projects

What DeFi projects are you most exited about?

My personal favorite DeFi stack at the moment is:
Etheruem: (Protocol layer)
Tezos: (Protocol layer)
KyberNetwork: (DEX)
Loopring: (DEX)
Maker DAO: (Lending/Borrowing)
AAVE: (Lending/Borrowing)
Syntetix: (Asset creation)

And %40 I have in DAI to Dollar-cost average in and get ± 10% APY

Check here some cool resources to explore the DeFi landscape in more depth:

The new era of Fundamental research is here tokens in a DeFi portfolio have actual fundamentals and earnings.

Great website for research:

What alternative would you recommend of alethio as it is already unavailable?