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Hi! Im Giselle … Im really enjoying this class thus far. thanks


How can I get a copy of the slide deck used?? That would be AMAZING :slight_smile:

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Hey @thenode369, hope you are well.

Could you please tell me which one exactly? from which lesson? maybe i could help you get it :nerd_face: (not sure but i could try)

Carlos Z

@thecil Hi there. What are the Prerequisites for the “Morpheus Network 101
Supply Chain Data” course?

Hey @JackieBiz. hope you are well.

Would be good to know the fundamentals of blockchain, so blockchain & bitcoin 101 course will be the first step to then be able to fully understand the morpheus. network course :nerd_face:

Carlos Z

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Awesome. Thank you for replying back!

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Hi there,
adding my notes here for my first session: pretty interesting
new concepts middleware; API and interoperability with current data processing systems with companies?
how much room for improvement is there in the supply chain industry?
i used to invest in vechain in 2022; i thought it was a great opportunity; clearly i wasn’t aware of Morpheus; MNW
is vechain collaborating now with Morpheus Network?
what is the main difference between these 2 companies
Morpheus is establishing as the middleware;
also Unibright with BaselineProtocol; as middleware too
what is vechain? also a middleware or it’s own blockchain based on PoA (Authority)? and then Morpheus does the middleware?
old article: Morpheus Labs onboards a renowned Blockchain — VeChain ; and morpheus labs is not morpheus network

a bit of comparison in Reddit:
" To explain the difference between both of them, I’ll start with the biggest difference: Middleware is key when comparing Morpheus to VeChain. Vechain is a single blockchain model which requires all applications to be built using it’s protocol. Morpheus.Network does not have such limitations. As a middleware program it can, for example, integrate programs, such as VeChain, as a solution for a client if they would like to have it. " - source: u/kelvintan : this video answered my questions above; i am posting notes as I am watching the videos :slight_smile:

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