MetaMask - Ropsten testnet - tokens

Hello Mages!
I am now playing with fetching user tokens from their account, swapping them or tracking transactions. Unfortunately on the main eth/BSC/polygon chains where I don’t really want to change anything.

On the Moralis platform it is possible to set up a server to support a test network, just a question if you know maybe a way to get different test tokens for the Ropsten network? I added only test ETH, but from within MetaMask on that network the swap option is disabled. Do you have any way of doing this - to have multiple tokens on Ropsten or other supported Testnet?

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Uniswap does work with testnets for example, (select the kovan network in metamask, that way the app will switch to kovan network)

You should be able to create testnets servers on

Carlos Z

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This is just what I needed :ok_hand: thank you

If anyone needs to send ETH to the Ropsten test network you can use this link

If anyone wants to send me ETH you can use this address

just kidding! :clown_face:

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