Metamask: Chrome plugin for Ethereum enabled websites

I just discovered Metamask today while trying out Aragon’s alpha web version. Metamask allows you to visit Ethereum enabled websites like Aragon’s alpha.

Here’s how it works:

Get the Chrome plugin here:

Just found it but thought I’d share for those who may not have found it yet. @ivan - have you taken a look at this? It’s on github.


Yeah, it’s a nice way to interact with dapps via the web! Hopefully we’ll see browsers with this functionality built-in in the future!


Yea metamask is convenient to use, but I didn’t like it, because I do not own the private key. Correct me, if it is not true

A metamask fan here too! I’ve also used it to try Aragon’s alpha, Leeroy and some other dapps! Works great plus the fox is cute(? haha!

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