Metamask-and Binance smart chain

I have added the binance smart chain to my metamask wallet as instructed by many websites. But every time I try to deposit BNB to my metamask, (from Binance US or KuCoin) I get the message that the address is wrong. It seems to me I should have a different deposit address on the metamask than the one for the ethereum main net. But all i have is the single address on meta mask. What am i doing wrong here?

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Try this out, from what I’ve gathered you’ll just need to manually type in the network in, since metamask is an ethereum wallet. And binance has made its own blockchain network:

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Thanks very much for the reply. I have already done all this. The problem seems to be that the metamask still uses the same address and the address apparently is an ethereum address and won’t work for the binance chain. i think I am going to just start another different wallet to use the binance chain. thanks for trying1

im having exactly the same issue and no YT or binance tutorials and reddit advises seem help here

if anyone can explain how to add test tokens to MM i’d appreciate it as well. So far the moment i try to add test token to my MM account i get error in web3 script followed by notification that i don’t have enough eth for transaction fees (between 15 to 130$- depending on the day) for accepting my test token

actually I did not have any issues with the test net. I was even able to add BNB to the test net from te free faucet. the issue is with the mainnet, using the eth address. In order to use pancake swap or anything on binance chain i am just going to get a different wallet. Metamask will just miss out if they don’t make it easier to use.

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also gonna move to different wallet.
Right now i have about 3 UniSwap Coins stuck on MM as i can’t do anything with it- gas fees are 3 times the value of it… can’t withdraw, can’t move it different Network. just lost it.

Main Kovan Test Net has the same address of the Eth Mainnet (in my case), so i can’t even upload test tokens from free faucets.

I originally set up my MM wallet on eth, bought some tokens, and now the fees are so high I don’t want to swap. So I added the BSC to the wallet hoping that the tokens would show up, BUT THEY DON"T! Is there a way to move the tokens in the wallet from ETH to BSC without incurring the crazy ETH gas?

I recently tried connecting my MM to who claim to aggregate all DEXs and CEXs. I am still doing something wrong???
Has anyone experience with Orion???